Reiki is the transfer of energy from the Reiki practitioner to the receiver by gentle touch. The Usui Reiki system knows a few standard hand positions: on the head, the front or the back side of the body. If necessary Reiki can be performed locally on a specific body part that needs extra attention.

During a Reiki session the receiver is keeping his clothes on, the energy passes through fabric.

A session is effective even if the receiver doesn’t believe in Reiki. Energy flows anyway and has nothing to do with belief.

Reiki can be used as an additional therapy to any disorder. Reiki can soften physical pains that have an emotional, psychological or spiritual cause. Reiki is a type of therapy that is being used in hospitals as an additional treatment during chemotherapy or as a comforting therapy during palliative care.

Duration of a treatment: ± 60 minutes

Price: €55 for a single session or €150 for 3 sessions

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