Every ending means a new beginning. This sounds more complicated than it really is. Before starting a new chapter, we must end a previous one. This is a constant during a lifetime.

During a new moon ceremony we start by letting go of what ‘was’. It is up to you to decide what it is that you want to bring to an end. This can be a bad habit, or maybe you wish to let go of a feeling that has taken hold of you or even a thought you want to get rid of. In this was we are making space for something ‘new’.

The new moon ceremony focuses mainly on setting a ‘new’ intention. This new intention of yours can be of different meanings: again this can be a certain feeling, thought, new habit or maybe you just want to focus on a new goal you want to achieve.

With the new moon as our witness, we are using the 4 elements during this ceremony. We meditate, we dive deeply within and whoever wants to, can share their new intentions. By consciously expressing this new intention and putting it out there, we are creating a kind of social pressure for ourselves which makes us actively work towards the achievement of our new goal(s).

Check the Facebook page for upcoming New Moon Ceremonies or contact me to organize such ceremony for family or friends.


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