We shower daily, cleanse our face, wash our hands, brush our teeth,…all exterior cleansings. But what about the inside?

Our stomach works hard to break down and digest the food we take in and our colon transports all the waste until the point we excrete it. Why don’t we ever think of cleaning on the inside? With this master cleansing you can treat yourself to a natural and safe colon cleansing.

How? By drinking lukewarm saline water and doing yoga. During specific asanas (=body positions), different organs are being massages and stimulated and as a result toxins are being eliminated. This practice is called Shankha Prakshalana Kriya and it is a very popular detox practice in India.

Duration: 1h30 on average

Frequency: a full cleansing can be performed once a year; half a cleansing once a month

Restrictions: during pregnancy, if you had recent heart or stomach surgery, if you suffer from an ulcer, during menstruation, when suffering from acute back pain, when suffering from diabetes

Check the Facebook page for upcoming public detoxing events or contact me to schedule a detox session in your home.


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